Thursday 8 November 2018

Activities of the P.G. Department


Seminar/workshop attended by staff:
1. Dr. B Johnson, Coordinator, PG department of Physics attended a three-day National Conclave Cum Warroom on Outcome based Education organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Andhra Loyola College from 25th to 27th October 2018.
Faculty Registered for Ph.D,:
2. Ms. Gunjan Mahajan has registered for Ph.D, in Koneru Lakshmaiah Educational Foundation (KLU) on 12th July 2018 in the area of Glass Science.
Guest lectures/workshops:
1. A Guest Lecture was organised by the PG Department of Physics on‘ Quantum Mechanics’ on 05th February 2018. Dr.M.Ramakrishna Nanchara Rao, Lecturer in Physics, Hindu College, Machilipatnam was the resource person. The students were made to learn the fundamentals of Quantum mechanics and its use in different areas of theoretical research in Physics.
2. Mr. Vinay Ganapathi, Research scholar, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru delivered a guest lecture on “Floquet theory and its use in Quantum mechanics” on 5th February 2018 in PG seminar hall. Students of M.Sc, Physics and Chemistry participated in the programme.
3. A Workshop was organised by the PG Department of Physics on ‘8085 Microprocessor programming’ on 10 July 2018 in our Lab.  Mr.Ekambaram, Lecturer, Department of Electronics, Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada was the resource person. In this work shop students of the department were trained on the Microprocessor kits which are used for doing microprocessor programming.
4. A Guest Lecture was organised on “Perturbation Theory” on 12.10.2018 for the first year students. The resource person was Mr.E.SivaNagiReddy, Research Scholar, Central University, Hyderabad. From this our students learn how perturbation theory helps in solving Quantum mechanical problems.
Summer Internships attended by students:
1. Three of our II M.Sc Physics students attended a summer internship program at IIIT, Nayaraipur with a stipend of Rs 3500/-.The students had a great exposure to the usage of MATLLAB software in this internship. As they were new to MATLLAB, first they were given a brief lecture on the functions of MATLAB, defining matrices, 2D and 3D plotting. The students worked on curve sketching and plot manipulation and then on the first order differential equations and bisection method for finding roots of quadratic equations on their own. The students who attended this programme were:
i) B.S.S.SudhaGayathri(NMPH-19)
ii) G.Visali (NMPH-14)
iii) B.Krupavaram (NMPH-04)

2. A. H. Sylvia Mary, NMPH-16 attended Summer internship offered by PeriyarManiammai Institute of science and Technology, Vallam, Tanjore, Tamilnadu from 15th May to 20th June 2018. A study on Synthesis and characterisation of zinc oxide nanoparticles was carried out. This training gave an exposure on the field of Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has become the forefront of research and has the tremendous potential to revolutionize the livestock sector. With the advent of this emerging field, varieties of nanoparticles with exciting characteristics are being manufactured and used for a wide range of applications.
3. Four of our II year students attended internship offered by BSNL, Vijayawada for a period of one month, 2nd May 2018 to 2nd June 2018. It gave an exposure in Generation of networking such as 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G, IP addressing, communication through optical cables etc. In the morning session, students were given brief lectures on how people communicate with one another through telephone, the benefits of IP addressing, broadband connection etc. In the evening session, they were given live demonstration on each one of it. The Organisation issued a certificate to these students after completion of their course. The students participated in this program are:
i) Md. Shahanaz NMPH - 11                             
ii) T. Geethika    NMPH - 07          
iii) P. Harika      NMPH - 01                  
iv) K. Shakeela   NMPH– 06
4. Six of our students attended a training programme at South Central Railways Vijayawada for a period of one month from 2nd May 2018 to 2nd June 2018. This programme was on Tele communication in railways, how trains stops according to the signals, the ways to control signals etc. Also the students were given brief demonstration on the ticketing system in railways stations. The Organisation issued a certificate to these students after completion of their course. The following students participated in this training:
1.      P. Mounika-    NMPH-02 
2.      Y. Jithendra-  NMPH-12                                           
3.      P. Gopi-         NMPH-13                                                                  
4.      Raheem-       NMPH-08                                                         
5.      Ch. Likitha-   NMPH-17                             
6.      K. Ramesh-   NMPH-05
5. Two of our students K.Vamsi Krishna (NMPH-18) and N.RajaShekar (NMPH-15) participated in a training programme held at Nagarjuna Hospital, Kanur. The students were trained for a period of one month from 1st to 31st May 2018, on Electron beam radiation therapy & Proton beam radiation therapy which are very much useful for cancer treatment. The Hospital management issued a certificate to these students after completion of their course.
6. Three students of the department participated in the state level inter collegiate “Physics Inspire Club Meet-2018” organised by Maris Stella college, Vijayawada. The students participated in the Quiz Competition on 27th of August 2018 and won FIRST prize. The participants were:
i) K.Vamsikrishna -              NMPH-18
ii) B.S.S.SudhaGayathri-    NMPH-19         
iii) B.Krupavaram -             NMPH-04
7. Five final year students of the department got placements in the campus selections conducted by Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions held in our campus on 3rd December 2018.
i) K.Vamsikrishna -              NMPH-18
ii) B.S.S.SudhaGayathri-    NMPH-19         
iii) A. Rajasekhar  -             NMPH-15
iv) G. Visali                          NMPH – 14
v) K. Ramesh                       NMPH - 05
8. Five of the students from our department participated in the “Annual Cultural Fest- BHAVANA 2K18” on 11th and 12th September 2018 and won prizes in the Group dance and Flower arrangement competitions
Name of the students
Events Participated
Prize Won
T. Geethika, NMPH 07
Group dance

K. Ramesh  NMPH 05
P. Gopi.       NMPH 13
P. Harika     AMPH 04
Flower arrangement
Vicky Raj    AMPH 01

9. The students of the PG department participated in the inauguration of the Science Club of Andhra Loyola College organised by the Department of Physics on 16th July 2018. Students were motivated on the fact that the fruits of science can benefit the masses by the way of improving health, environment and economic conditions. The students were told not to confine to the syllabus but strive hard to develop co-curricular activities such as promotion of science.
Extension Activities:
1. ‘Land to Lab’ Programme was organised by the PG and UG Departments of Physics on14th and 15th December 2018 in degree Physics lab under the supervision of Dr. G. Sahaya Baskaran and Dr. B Johnson. Hands on training was given to about 400 school children by our students on instruments related to different experiments. Fifteen experiments were demonstrated by our students to the school children and a manual was given to each and every child. The students from Care & Share municipal high school, Vijayawada, CVRG High School, Vijayawada, Madonna school for the special children, Vijayawada and JMJ High School, Namburu, participated in this programme. This was a great experience for our students to demonstrate the experiments to the children of special needs.
2. Most of our students participated in many NSS programmes organised by the government of Andhra Pradesh.


Activities of the department 2018-19 


Field Trips

1.   Hirakud-I (Burla) Hydro Power Plant of Orissa Hydro Power Corporation Ltd. (Bhubaneswar) was visited on 14th February of 2014.

2. The PG Department of Physics organized a Field Visit to Hindustan Coca-Cola   Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Atmakur Plant & Pearl Beverages Ltd., Guntur, on 21st August 2014, for its students.

    3.  PG Department of Physics organized a Field Visit to Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ldt.Vijayawada on 5 march 2016

    4. PG Department of Physics organized a Field Visit to " Vijayawada Thermal Power Plant " ,Vijayawada on 19th march 2016

    Field visit to Manipal Hospital

    On the eve of World Medical Physics day celebrations students of department of  Physics visited to Manipal Hospital 


    ·         The PG Department of physics organised a field visit to Digital Transmission centre( MUX      Station),Southern telecom region ,BSNL,Vijayawada on 07-10-2016. 


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